Yoga Pushpa

Kali: Mother of Time, Womb of Eternity 

A workshop with Mark Dyczkowski

O Mother, You are victorious!
You have emitted all Time and consumed it,
Your form a fearful roar, even so You bestow Your grace on all.

O KALI, you are victorious even as you divide the body of Eternal Time into the twelve months of the year
and yet make its true eternal nature shine gloriously within You! 

Ninth century Kashmiri Hymn to Kali by Sivanandanatha

In this workshop in which we will learn about KALI  the most enigmatic and ambiguous Goddess in India. KALI is the Goddess of Time – KALI – Mother of life who is death – kala - and darkness – kala and yet the very shining of the Light of consciousness. We will learn about her history. How She appears in the Vedas as Kalaratri, the Dark Night who, shining with stars, is young and beautiful. How She gives birth to the rising sun (rohita) and the sun generates her. We will learn how She appears in the myths of the Puraa.nas and became a Great Goddess of the Tantras. How she is the all-powerful dynamism of the perennial Present unfolding as the breath of life, perception and Time. We will learn about her astonishing forms, her Mantras and how to delight in the relish of the aesthetic delight of the succulent morsels of time that by Her grace yogis consume into consciousness.

Dr. Mark Dyczkowski is one of the world’s foremost scholars on Tantra and Kashmiri Trika Shaivism. He has lived and worked in India for over forty years as a scholar, musician and a practitioner. Amongst his many publications is ‘The Doctrine of Vibration’, a well known standard introduction to Kashmiri Shaivism.